Volkswagen ID.4 Product Development.

After developing the products for the Volkswagen ID.3 we thought it was time to also give some love to its bigger counterpart, the Volkswagen ID.4.

The scan   

With the Volkswagen ID.4 we got quite lucky. Instead of having to look for a car we could use for our 3D scan process, the owner of this car reached out to us! He was wondering if we would be developing products for the ID.4 just like we did for the ID.3, what were the odds that he lived in the same country as us and that he would reach out to us just at the moment that we decided to go for the ID.4 as our next project!

So after a bit of chatting around we agreed that it would be fun to go to Jan his house and explain the process of aftermarket product development. That same day we scanned the entire car and thought together about some handy and cool products that would benefit the Volkswagen ID.4!

The Product development

In the development stage we found out that the doorhandles for the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Volkswagen ID.4 are actually identical! Which is great news for us! This meant we did not need to make a whole new line of doorhandle covers for the ID.4. We did however need to create a whole new middle console cover for the ID.4 that would match the doorhandles we made.

Volkswagen ID.4 middle console cover Volkswagen ID.4 Doorhandle cover Volkswagen ID.4 Doorhandle cover

A few weeks after we created sketches in the computer for our accessories, we decided it was time to make them into reality! The first prototypes got made.

We went back to Jan to fit our prototypes. Believe it or not.. but they fitted perfectly in 1 go! Till now this was for sure our luckiest development of products yet.


The First production

But of course the luck we had in the Volkswagen ID.4 product development could not go on like this. After fitting our prototypes we started the process of production for the newly made accessories. Just as we were about to hit the production, the state our factories are in was hit by a massive power problem! This meant that the products were delayed for quite some time..

Volkswagen ID.4 Middle console covers
[ The first batch of the Volkswagen ID.4 middle console covers ]

After a month or 2 of experiencing trouble after trouble, we could finally start the production of our first batch of ID.4 products. BUT this was not where the trouble ended. Our products got transported in a container to our main warehouse, everything went well until we got notice that our container would also be delayed at least 1 month due to some Covid troubles.

The Final stretch

So I think we can safely say that the road to here was quite a rollercoaster! We went from almost too lucky, to months of delays. But finally we received our first batch! Now it was time to go back to our friend Jan and give him his free products and make some pictures on the car!

Now you know the story behind the big delay for the Volkswagen ID.4 products, we are so sorry too have kept you guys waiting for so long!

( We also made a video for this! )

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