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Tesla Model Y accessories LHD RHD

Tesla Model Y Product development

Since we want to keep all of you updated about our development and process in the company, here is another blog for you to read about some car accessories! This time for the Tesla Model Y LHD and also the RHD version.

Tesla Model Y 01

LHD Model Y products

Admittingly there was not a very cool story to the development of these products, we had a friend that was willing to let us do our scanning on his car as soon as it was delivered! So we could immediately start the process of making the products for the Tesla Model Y.

..The RHD one has a little story behind it though..

RHD Model Y product development

So we had the LHD Tesla Model Y accessories quite fast developed and ready for all of you, but there were already a lot of questions about our RHD Tesla Model Y accessories for the UK! So I got to thinking.. how will we get a RHD Tesla model Y to scan.. IN HOLLAND?

Well I guess there was only one way. Let’s fly to London and see what we can find.

The first attempt

Of course. We could have just tried looking online for a car, but would that really be as efficient and personal than to find one in person? Well maybe yes, but not as fun. So we took the impulsive road and got on a flight from Amsterdam to London for the weekend.

After arrival we already had seen a lot of EV’s in our first hour, but we had not yet laid eyes upon a newly made Tesla Model Y. Wandering around London and doing some sightseeing we tried to keep our eyes open for the Model Y in the UK.. NONE!!!

Some hours passed by and a lot of street snacks got consumed until we decided to just ask around.. only to find quite a disturbing answer.. The model Y was not going to be released for at least another month. Yes. This might have been our biggest failure just yet. How did we not check this before we jumped on a flight to London.

Accepting our stupidity and defeat, we went for some muffins and got on a flight back home that day.

IMG 20220224 WA0003

The second attempt

The RHD Tesla Model Y was almost released in the UK finally and after our first failure, I decided to do it on a more normal way. Time to infiltrate some community’s for UK Tesla enthusiasts and ask around about the car.

After a few evenings of chatting and having laughs with the EV community in the UK we found a really nice guy named “Paul”. He was one of the first persons to collect a Tesla Model Y on its debut day in the UK and also nice enough to let us borrow his newly acquired car the day after he collected it!

( They even had a Gala for the buyers of these cars.. Wished we had one when we got our model 3. )

After some planning this time, the day finally arrived that we could scan the car. We put our specialist that scans the cars for us on a plane and the scan went actually perfect! Paul even got us some English muffins and the weather was nice for once over there, at least until the scan was finished. Then it literally started hailing. But we managed to finish the scan perfectly and were ready to start the process of making our products that needed some change to be compatible for the RHD Tesla model Y accessories.

For now the products are being made and will soon be released! Hopefully you enjoyed reading our quick little update about the Tesla Model Y RHD & LHD product development.

Until next time!

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