Renault Zoe Products Development

The car

So the time has come for this little EV to get the spotlight! We were honestly surprised that the variety of aftermarket accessories for this car was so little.. I mean it is already available for over 8 years now..? But lets not get off topic, the car I am talking about is the cute little Renault ZOE.

In a later blog we will get deeper into the review of this car. For now enjoy our development journey!

The scan

Since there was a big lack of aftermarket accessories for the Renault ZOE, we decided to look for a Renault ZOE we could use to scan. One day I met a really nice Belgium guy that drove a Renault ZOE, he was really interested in our business and would love to let us scan his car so he could experience the process of how these aftermarket accessories were made! We also let the owners of the cars that we scan choose the products that they want for free when we receive the first batch. So it goes without saying that he gets our products for free as well!

Since Belgium is a 2.5 hour drive from our office, we started that day early in the morning. At this moment we were not sure yet if we could already pass the boarders due to the corona restrictions our countries had but we decided to give it a try and happily we were able to get through without any trouble. We arrived around 10 in the morning and met Dirk, the Renault ZOE owner.. well.. borrower of the ZOE from his wife ( Sssht don’t tell her what we did 😉 ). He was a really nice and thoughtful guy that loved to crack a joke, he even arranged a garage for us to do the scan in because of the rainy weather! The little village he lived in was lovely, but I don’t think I have seen this many snackbars in one town before in my life.

After meeting and having a chat with Dirk we immediately started the process of scanning together with our partners from Geopoints.

On the road back our Tesla Model 3 Long Range only had 240 kilometres left in the battery and around 220 kilometres road to travel back home, so we decided to check how accurate it was and drove back, of course the EV brought us home without any trouble. So don’t worry about range anxiety with your EV’s because we have tested it plenty of times already!

The second stage “prototype”

We sent the 3d models to our development department and started working on products immediately! In just a few months we had to first prototypes ready to fit on the car.

For this fitment we reached out to our friend Dirk again to try them out on their car and we got lucky because they had time for us in the next 2 days. This time we also met his wife with her friends and their dog, what a lovely family they have! We tried fitting our new products, but there were some slight adjustments that needed to be made to be perfect.

So after fitting the prototypes and seeing the dog wrestle a robot lawnmower, we went home with some new work to do and a promise to the wife and her friends to bring a Dutch treat called “Tompouce” the next time we visited. 

( A funny story will be released later about this Tompouce.. something with a broken Model 3 motor in the middle of a public road.. )

The second prototype fitment

Currently the following products have been developed and they will be available in October 2021 (some of them are already available in our web shop HERE):

Renalt Zoe_All Weather Interior Floor Mats (Premium Rubber)
Renalt Zoe_Trunk Mat,Boot Liner (Premium Rubber)
Renalt Zoe_Metal Performace Pedal Set, Sportive Pedal Set
Renalt Zoe_Dashboard Air Outlet Decal Insert
Renalt Zoe_Mud Flaps,Splash Guard
Renalt Zoe_Antennae Upgrade Cover
Renalt Zoe_Front Logo Upgrade Decal
Renalt Zoe_Trunk Organizer

To be continued…


EVlution B.V. (owner of Torque Alliance and PLUGEAR) in the Netherlands is the SOLELY party who has developed this product. Similar product sold under other trademark or platform are not original and the quality is not guaranteed. We’d appreciate your support for our effort and intellectual property so we can continue bringing more EV gadgets to Europe.

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