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First FaceBook group competition

As you all know, we from team Plugear love to work with our community and do fun stuff together! So we reached out to a UK FaceBook group for the Ford Mustang Mach E owners and asked the group leader Jake if he would be interested in a little collaboration together! Gladly he agreed to our proposal and together we thought of the most fun way to do a giveaway in his group.

We came up with the idea of a little picture contest! There were 3 kinds off pictures that you could sent in to participate in the competition. To explain it all, the lovely wife of the group leader made us this beautiful banner!

Ford Mustang Mach EFord MMEMustang Mach E Accessories

As you can read on the banner, each winner would receive a 100-euros gift code for our webshop! (Converted to 80 pounds for the British folk)

On top of that we wanted to give the group their own little discount code that all members could use, so we created a personalized 5% discount code for the MME group that could be redeemed on our webshop.

The contest

Honestly at first the contest started off a little rough, there were not a lot of participants with the first message that was sent out. But later on the competition got fierce and people sent in some very cool pictures! The choice for a winner was really tough but our 5 judges managed to pick out the 3 winners after some heavy debating!

The picture of the Ford Mustang Mach E

Within the first category of the competition we had a few really good pictures of the Ford Mustang Mach E, which made it a difficult choice for the judges to choose the winner. But at last we came to a conclusion! Here is a little gallery of the sent in beauties!

As you can see the competition was quite tough, but there could only be 1 winner and for this we chose the picture of Ian with his red Mustang Mach E! Mainly because the lighting and the whole vibe of the picture was just brilliant. He really knew how to bring out the aesthetics of the car and make it look badass! Here is the winning picture!

Ford Mustang Mach EFord MMEMustang Mach E Accessories

The drawing of the Ford Mustang Mach E

For the drawing we had only 2 participants. Still we were really impressed by the art sent in to us by their children! The first picture is from Yen, with a beautiful black Mustang Mach E that is stationed on the beach next to a nice little water place! Notice the awesome detail she put in the stars.

Ford Mustang Mach EFord MMEMustang Mach E Accessories

The second one is sent in by Aaron and made by his little 7 year old artist called Amelie. Such an impressive work of art at this age already! Just look how the bodylines and even the rims are followed by her, don’t forget to pay attention to the little details within the headlights. Daddy’s Mustang Mach E is parked in a nice little forest with a lot of green trees in the surroundings, as it should be!

Ford Mustang Mach EFord MMEMustang Mach E Accessories

The red Mustang Mach E drawing from Aaron and Amelie turned out the be the winner in this category. Although it goes without saying that both drawings are a real work of art and beautifully made, we strongly believe that there is a future in the arts waiting for the both them!

What we loved the most about the drawings is the fact that both cars are displayed in a natural environment. Our main focus is to promote green driving to help safe the world in the long term, so it goes very well with our vision!

The most liked picture

For the most liked picture we had quite a lot of judges, with this one we picked out the picture within the group that had the most likes up until that moment! And the winner for that picture was Spencer! With his picture from the Mustang Mach E of him and his friends together!

With the wise words from Jake “I guess 3 Mach E’s are just better than 1”.

Ford Mustang Mach EFord MMEMustang Mach E Accessories

End word

In the end we chose to also award the other participants with a 10-euro coupon code to thank them for the effort they made! We really enjoyed the experience of doing a little event like this with a nice FaceBook group focused on 1 of our car brands and would love to collab with some more groups focussed on EV’s, since being in touch with our community and doing cool stuff together is what brings the most fun to our work! 🙂

If you are in a group for any of our focussed EV brands and think it will be fun to also create a little competition in there, make sure to send this article to the group owner! And who knows maybe it is you that wins a 100-euro coupon code the next time or even free items!

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