About Us

We love innovation. We love green. We love the taste of future. Therefore, we love EV’s and people like Elon.

Early March 2019: Started as one of the first Model 3 owners in Europe
The very first batch of products we bought for our own Model 3's

With a great passion for Elon and Tesla, we were one of the very first people to reserve the Model 3, and after a long 3 years of waiting the key card for our dream car finally fell into our hands. While getting used to the German build quality we found some areas to improve, or accessories missing on the Model 3, although that didn’t mean our love for it disappeared. At this point there were almost no shops in Europe for the Tesla accessories.

We thought: “Why don’t we become a local seller by utilizing our vast network and 12 years of experience in the industry?”

And so we did!

August 2019: Launch of Torque Alliance
Our first office and small storage in Alphen a/d Rijn
TA logo Final

A strong TORQUE is one of the most significant features of electrical vehicles. ALLIANCE means we come as EV owners and enthusiasts, the active and harmonious EV community is what we enjoy most.

Building a website is no longer difficult, however, our mission is to bring premium quality products which meet European standards to the market. Before we put any product online, we make sure we have tested all options from different manufacturers across North America, Taiwan, China and locally from the EU. Together with the booming sales of Tesla and the high standard we’ve set for our customer service, we were working extremely hard and learning every day.

These were memorable, hardworking days. 

August 2020: Launch of Plugear and Promize
Our new building in Aalsmeer
Our workshop (Promize)
Our warehouse

Thanks to the EV revolution (that’s what the name of our mother company EVlution stands for), the business went well. By the middle of 2020, the small warehouse in Alphen aan den Rijn was too small. Plus, we had increasing requests for the installation of our products, so it was time to move!

With only 10 mins of driving distance from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, we are now serving our customers from Aalsmeer.

With more than 1000 m2 of space, we finally took the next step:

PLUGEAR_Plugear Final logo

Plugear: PLUG means everything related to the electrical green commute; GEAR means all related gadgets. Plugear is our new online store with built-in B2B portal, not only focusing on Tesla, but also other popular EV brands such as VW, Renault etc. We are expanding our product range to also include EV charging products, and soon will feature E-bikes and steps too.

Promize Final logo

Promize: Promize stands for Professional Customization, and as the name implies, premium quality is our promise. Promize is our local Dutch car detailing workshop which is specialized in EV-tuning, if you want to make your ride one of a kind, this is the right place for you!

November 2020: Started the R&D of our own products
3D laser scan the whole car (Renault Zoe)
Design and engineering (VW ID.3 center console)
Prototyping and fitting (VW ID.3 center console)

The core drive of our business is to accelerate the green commute revolution and improve the experience of EV’s, and importing and testing products designed by others is no longer fulfilling to us:

“We cannot only focus on Tesla and forget about other great EV makers such as VW.”

“We want products developed in the EU, for the EU market.”

“Why don’t we develop them ourselves? “

Listening to the voices in our minds, we made the decision to invest heavily in the R&D of our own products for other popular EV models such as VW ID series, Renault Zoe, Ford Mustang Mach-E etc.

So, here are we, standing at the door of the EV revolution and doing our best to serve the green commute communities. Our mission is to bring more practical and exciting products to the EV community, our vision is to become the business people will remember when they talk about EV, and we want to offer great customer service.

Want to learn more about us?
If you are interested to learn more about us, e.g. how we have developed products for VW ID.3&4, Renault Zoe, Ford Mustang Mach-E, or just about our daily stories and developments, please visit our Blogs.

Want to join the EV-lution?

We are actively searching for business partners who are willing to take part in the EV revolution. We are willing to support small business start-ups by offering competitive B2B wholesale prices with quick and reliable logistic supply.

The door is always open and you are welcome to step in for a chat, or feel free to contact us: